We welcome competitors from across the globe to compete in the Invercharron Highland Games.  Each year the skills, abilities, talents, athletic prowess and strength of our athletes provide not only keen competition but a fantastic spectacle for our visitors to enjoy.  However this is a serious and regulated sporting event and as a result has to be governed by rules.


  • All Pibroch and Junior Piper entries to Piping Board by 09:30
  • All other Senior Piping entries to Piping Board by 12:30
  • All Dancing entries to Dancing Tent by 12:30
  • All Beginner Heavy entries to Secretary’s Tent by 09:30
  • All Open Heavy and Light entries to Secretary’s tent by 12:00
  • All Tug o’ War entries to Secretary’s tent by 13:00
  1. Competitors must show entrance ticket when entering competitions.
  2. In all competitions, SHGA Rules apply.   Any athlete not registered with the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA) will be required to take out a 1 day membership at a cost of £3 and available from the Secretary’s tent on day of games.  Anyone failing to take out membership will not be eligible to collect any prize money or have their points considered in competition. This includes all competitors in the HILL RACE.
  3. All competitors must be dressed in Highland costume in Piping, Dancing and Heavy events. 
  4. In all events, competitors must be ready when called, otherwise they may be disqualified. 
  5. No person will be allowed in the ring except competitors engaged, officials and authorised members of the press. 
  6. Championships in Field, Heavy and Track events - the athlete gaining most points on aggregate in Open Events will be declared the winner. 
  7. The Committee reserve the right to make any alterations to the programme. 
  8. Junior competitions – ‘age’ means competitor's age at the date of the current games. 
  9. Birth certificate to be produced to determine correct age group. 
  10. The decision of the Judges shall be final. 
  11. Any complaints to be made to the Secretary with a deposit of £5.00.  If the complaint is upheld, the money will be refunded. 
  12. No responsibility can be accepted for damage to equipment during competitions or practice.  Cyclists should insure their own machines. 
  13. No betting on courses or tracks. 
  14. Invercharron Highland Games Association to be holders and owners of all trophies in perpetuity. 
  15. In Beginner Heavy events (no age limit), athletes must compete in all events for The Challenge Shield.  Athletes winning the Shield once will no longer be considered Beginners. 
  16. Successful athletes in Open Heavy events are not eligible for Beginner Heavy events. 
  17. All competitors must be prepared to be drugs tested. 

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